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Hiking Magura

Hiking Magura – Heaven is a place on Earth, and it’s called Măgura

Among the picturesque hills of Piatra Craiului National Park, in Brașov county, lies a secluded mountain village, asleep in the silence of the entire region. Here, the locals have remained simple, hardworking and authentic. They are always eager to help each other. The visitors are curious to learn their own stories, as well as the stories underlying the formation and development of this charming land. Are you ready to discover this mysterious place? Join our Hiking Magura day trip and find out what we are talking about.

Hiking MaguraHere you have the opportunity to spend a few moments among the cows, horses and sheep grazing the lush grass between the houses on the hilltops, among the fruit trees growing at the edge of the country road or simply wandering through the village streets, admiring the mist that clings to the crests of the Bucegi and the Piatra Craiului Mountains.

Does this place really exist?

Yes! It is a wonderful destination in summer, when it is joyfully discovered by those who dare to cross the daring Piatra Craiului mountain trail. This is probably the most spectacular and the most difficult mountain trail in Romania. In winter, the generous layers of scrub cover the pastures, leaving only the green trees shaken by the wind. Hiking Magura is such a pleasant experience to have. Our guides are ready to assist you.

How to get to Măgura

Being located in a difficult accessible area, you should equip yourself properly and keep in mind a few rules when visiting Măgura. It is important to have some food and water in your backpack and, of course, appropriate clothing and footwear. Don’t venture into the heart of the woods! It is well known that in the forests of Brașov county live a lot of wild animals that can be dangerous, especially brown bears. When you start on the trail, respect the official markings and do not deviate from them! Also, you can admire the flowers around, but you are not allowed to pull them, especially if it is the famous ”Floarea colțului”! Hiking Magura means respecting nature, respecting the wildlife and, last but not least, respecting other visitors by leaving a clean trail behind you.

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